May 2024! What's Up!

Hey Hey!!! 

It’s May!!  Summer is near!!!! Are you ready?!!😎🤩 I’m gearing up for a crazy summer! 🌞😅

Need to escape?? If you have somehow missed me posting about it, I started a Podcast called PARTY IN THE FROG!! 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 The podcast celebrates and shares the stories of individuals, be they creatives, entrepreneurs, business professionals, or simply just good souls! ❤️🐸

There are FIVE episodes available to BINGE as we move into the Cinco de Mayo weekend!! Have some tacos and enjoy the show!!! Here’s that LINK

NOTE: The podcast is both video and audio on YouTube but it is also available on Spotify for those of you who listen while you drive and work! 

I’m also now hosting a weekly Songwriter/Musicians night at The Wing Cafe & Tap House here in Marietta, GA, called MUSIC SPEAKS!! Players, email me to get on schedule! Local folks, come on out and enjoy great food and live music!!! 🎶😎

Today I’m most excited to begin releasing my new album, THE NEST!!!   This first song is one I used to enter the Tiny Desk Contest- “Dead Bird”!  Here’s that performance video for Tiny Desk!!  

And you can download /stream “Dead Bird” on!  Today is Bandcamp Friday so check out the site and support the artists you love! ❤️

Finally… Drumroll….In June, I will be releasing Book TWO of HTRP!! My book about my dog Hugo!  Whoohoo!!! It’s happening!!! 😅🤩 Here’s the LINK to BOOK ONE if you want to get one! 😄

I hope you all have a great month and don’t forget to check out my new Merch Store -  BELLY OF THE FROG! Pictured here is my PARTY IN THE FROG Cinco de Mayo Design, but there are HTRP, Jeannie Caryn , and Music Speaks designs available too!!!! 🤩

I so appreciate you being out there for me to share my creations!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!






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