June 2024!

Hey Everyone!  Happy June!!  

I hope the summer season is treating you all well. I'm 'running on empty' to quote a great song!

I kicked the month off by flying to LA, CA, with my daughter to settle her in for her summer internship in media and film technolgy via UGA. (She has such an amazing opportunity out there!)    It was a 36 hour escape after eight years of going nowhere but to the North Georgia mountains, so it was exciting to fly and see the West Coast and the world outside of Georgia!   Despite the short visit, I even managed to visit Manhattan Beach and get my toes in the ocean!   I so love the California coast! 

Since returning on June 2nd, I’ve been crazy busy with songwriter nights, an original show, and PARTY IN THE FROG interviewing/editing.  I’m also finishing up details on HTRP - THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG - BOOK TWO - Regrets, and I'm finishing up my latest demo album, THE NEST!  (Apologies for my delay on that release!) Yes.  It's a lot, but it all keeps me out of trouble most of the time. 

You can Pre-Order HTRP- BOOK TWO Here! 

You can stream ALL of my Original Music Here! 

So needless to say, I’m busy!!  And really tired. LOL.  But this is a good problem. I just need to let you know that my self-imposed deadlines have been difficult to meet, and yes, perhaps they were overly ambitious, so I’m looking for ways to make things work more efficiently. 

One decision I have made is that  I’m going to move to a once a month PARTY IN THE FROG episode release.  This month, for Episode Eight, I’m featuring my buddies of PUZZLETRUCK to help them share their BIG, HUGE, FABULOUS news  -  They are heading off to tour as new members of the band, THE PLIMSOULS, which due to trademark issues is now, EDDIE MUNOZ OF THE PLIMSOULS.  

If you’re of an age, you’ll recall the movie VALLEY GIRL (an 80’s cult film , free movie link here)!   One of the main songs from that movie, “A Million Miles Away,” was a Plimsouls’ tune, and now, Eddie Munoz is taking the Plimsouls music on the road for the TOTALLY TUBULAR FESTIVAL, showcasing top 80's artists, including Tommy Tutone, Thomas Dolby, and more,  visiting over twenty cities!   And now, PUZZLETRUCK’s Rick Reese is now the new Bass Player and Stephen Blackburn is now the Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitar player for Eddie Munoz! OMG, Like, totally, like wow, like right!!! LOL!    It’s just so exciting to see them off on this adventure.  

As such,  Episode 8 of PARTY IN THE FROG showcases PUZZLETRUCK and shares this fun news, so look for that to post on my YouTube Channel by mid-June –(I have to buy a new computer to do the editing- I'm just unable to use my old one anylonger so that's the main reason for the delay.).  But.. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the notifications! 

And… if you have missed any of the Episdoes, You can watch ALL Episodes of PARTY IN THE FROG Here! Episode Seven is my favorite so far as it featured my pug and the star of the HTRP Series,  HUGO, the very round pug himself! It was an extraordinary interview! 

Also, this past week I had the opportunity to perform with three amazing songwriters at THE ALLEY STAGE right in Marietta, Georgia on the Square, hosted by SOUTHERN TROUBADOUR.  On stage were myself, Aidan Anderson, Lianne Hutcheson, and Anna Calivn, and we each performed six original tunes in this intimate listening room, sharing the stories of the songs.  Here’s a FULL RECORDING of that night for you to enjoy.   I only captured the audio, so I used the cloud footage I captured from my flight back into Atlanta from L.A. for this video! 

So what’s next??  For this month, I have three creative goals:

  1. Finish recording/producing my demo album THE NEST and get that up on Bandcamp!  
  2. Publish Episode Eight of PARTY IN THE FROG, Featuring PUZZLETRUCK
  3. Launch HTRP - BOOK TWO - Regrets by July 1st!

I'm heading back to L.A. at the end of the month so I have a pretty hard deadline on these projects, and I have many other fun projects in the hopper, so I’m so glad you’re here to learn about them all!

Have a great June!  YAAY SUMMER!



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