March 2022

Hi Everyone! Happy St. Patty's Week!

I'm up late just after seeing  Kiefer Sutherland perform at Eddie's Attic - What an amazing show!!!!! If you have not yet listened to his music, do it!!!  I was very lucky to meet a member of his tech staff and gave him a copy of my CD!! Fingers crossed Kiefer gets to listen to my song "Dear Kiefer!"  The entire evening has me energized, inspired, and ready to create more!!

I have a lot of fun shows coming up, including an exciting ORIGINAL SHOW on 3/31/22 at the Hunt House here in Marietta-- It's a singer songwriter night hosted by Chip Jones, so there will be 3 or 4 other amazing artists performing as well! Visit my show schedule for details! 

And.....I launched a Patreon!!  You can find me at

What is a Patreon? It’s a platform that lets artists showcase work with patrons- people who join as members for a nominal monthly fee (as low as $3)- to be part of the creative community and support the artist.  The platform then allows me to offer tiers or payments/benefits - Truth be told, the extra income potential is nice, but I'm mostly interested in building a community -- Patreon let's members interact with each other and with me!!!  Please check it out! 

I joined and support FIVE great artists - and there’s so many amazing people to follow. You can search any category that interests you!  I follow Katie Martin Music, Emily Harvey Art, Ragnar Olafsson- Iceland Musician, and Diane Alber, Author and Illustrator, and Searching for Metaphors in case you want to check them out too! 

Please visit my YouTube channel to watch a demo of my Patreon Community. I have a video on "Why I'm Launching a Patreon!" there as well!   

In closing, I want to say that I so appreciate all of your support in any way that you do that-- just reading this message really means the world! Having an audience is critical for any audience and you are appreciated beyond words!!! 

"May your pockets be heavy, and your heart be light! May good luck pursue you each morning and night!" - Irish Proverb 



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