Jeannie Caryn

Performing Singer/Songwriter and Author

Jeannie Caryn, driven by her passion to capture and celebrate the human experience through story and song,  has several projects that allow her to share her creative endeavors:


Inspired when her own dog, Hugo, almost died from Xylitol poisoning after ALMOST eating a piece of gum,  Jeannie wrote, illustrated, and self- published her first work of fiction - an animal lover’s rhyming verse' chapter book project, THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG, focusing on the adventures of her very round pug, Hugo, and the rest of her fur-kids. The project includes story, songs, and art, all composed, illustrated, and created by Jeannie, and the story explores important life lessons and pet issues. The plot also explores pet diet safety!  Book One: Hugo’s Journey is available on Amazon now and Book Two: Regrets will be available Summer 2024! Also there is a nursery picture book version available for downloading on her website,! Join the HTRP CLUB Newsletter for updates! 


Jeannie released her first album of original music, MOTHER’S SELF-RISING in February 2021. The album was produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer/Guitarist-Texturalist, Larry Mitchell, in his Chocolate Room Studio in Opelika, Alabama.   

She also self-produced a Christmas album entitled MERRY CHRISTMAS in December 2023, and she released another self-produced album of love songs, entitled, LOVE IN AN RV, in February,  2024.  She is now set to release a third album, THE NEST, in June 2024!  

All music can be streamed or downloaded from this site! 

Additionally, Jeannie performs solo acoustic shows two to three nights a week at venues all around North Georgia, playing both cover and original songs! At every show, Jeannie invites  the patrons to request songs from her lengthy cover song list!


Jeannie hosts a regular, weekly songwriter showcase in Marietta and is currently expanding to new venues.  Contact her to sign up and play or to book her to host at a new venue! 


With this podcast show, PARTY IN THE FROG, Jeannie seeks to CELEBRATE the INDIVIDUAL - Be they a Creative, an Entrepreneur, a Business or Industry Professional, or simply a person with a story to tell!   

The show format includes  the following segments:

--Interesting Facts for the Day - Fun facts from nature, trivia, business, etc.

--Daily Motivation - A themed approached to making the day better

--Go Lick the World - Featured Guest Interview segment which includes provocative questions focused to learn about the individual and then a set of specific questions each guest will be asked so we can compare all of their answers!  

-Tips and Advice -- We ask our guests to provide advice about life and/or their specific expertise

-Favorite Word  - We'll ask our guests what word means most to them and why

-Go Lick the World Question.  Tune in to find out what this is!! 

NOTE:  All filming is done in THE FROG (an rPod Travel Trailer)  and this Podcast PARTY IN THE FROG has two spinoff shows!

1.  Frog Tunes-- Live Music Streaming by me! During this show, feel free to send playlist requests in advance or in the moment!  Also, we'll discuss all things related to music-- booking gigs, marketing, equipment, etc. 

2. For Patreon Subscription Members Only - FLY ON THE WALL - a musical jam session between myself and my featured guest which will present as a private house concert from THE BELLY OF THE FROG. Join my Patreon here:

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Jeannie is also a Real Estate Agent, since 2013, so contact Jeannie if you need to buy or sell your home! Helping individuals solve real estate problems is one of her favorite things to do! 


Finally, Jeannie is a Professional Writing Instructor, with an upcoming online writing program called MONEY WRITING (coming soon).  Currently, she teaches Technical Writing courses at both Kennesaw State University and The University of North Texas.  


Jeannie lives in Marietta, Georgia, and spends her spare time enjoying her five animals (all now characters in her story) – two pugs, one Australian Shepherd, and two cats – as well as her two children (both now in college). 

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