June 2024! 

Hey Everyone!  Happy June!!  

I hope the summer season is treating you all well. I'm 'running on empty' to quote a great song!

I kicked the month off by flying to LA, CA, with my daughter to settle her in for her summer internship in media and film technolgy via UGA. (She has such an amazing opportunity out there!)    It was a 36 hour escape after eight years of going nowhere but to the North Georgia mountains, so it was exciting to fly and see the West Coast and the world outside of Georgia!   Despite the short visit, I even managed to visit Manhattan Beach and get my toes in the ocean!   I so love the California coast! 

Since returning on June 2nd, I’ve been crazy busy with songwriter nights, an original show, and PARTY IN THE FROG interviewing/editing.  I’m also finishing up details on HTRP - THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG - BOOK TWO - Regrets, and I'm finishing up my latest demo album, THE NEST!  (Apologies for my delay on that release!) Yes.  It's a lot, but it all keeps me out of trouble most of the time. 

You can Pre-Order HTRP- BOOK TWO Here! 

You can stream ALL of my Original Music Here! 

So needless to say, I’m busy!!  And really tired. LOL.  But this is a good problem. I just need to let you know that my self-imposed deadlines have been difficult to meet, and yes, perhaps they were overly ambitious, so I’m looking for ways to make things work more efficiently. 

One decision I have made is that  I’m going to move to a once a month PARTY IN THE FROG episode release.  This month, for Episode Eight, I’m featuring my buddies of PUZZLETRUCK to help them share their BIG, HUGE, FABULOUS news  -  They are heading off to tour as new members of the band, THE PLIMSOULS, which due to trademark issues is now, EDDIE MUNOZ OF THE PLIMSOULS.  

If you’re of an age, you’ll recall the movie VALLEY GIRL (an 80’s cult film , free movie link here)!   One of the main songs from that movie, “A Million Miles Away,” was a Plimsouls’ tune, and now, Eddie Munoz is taking the Plimsouls music on the road for the TOTALLY TUBULAR FESTIVAL, showcasing top 80's artists, including Tommy Tutone, Thomas Dolby, and more,  visiting over twenty cities!   And now, PUZZLETRUCK’s Rick Reese is now the new Bass Player and Stephen Blackburn is now the Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitar player for Eddie Munoz! OMG, Like, totally, like wow, like right!!! LOL!    It’s just so exciting to see them off on this adventure.  

As such,  Episode 8 of PARTY IN THE FROG showcases PUZZLETRUCK and shares this fun news, so look for that to post on my YouTube Channel by mid-June –(I have to buy a new computer to do the editing- I'm just unable to use my old one anylonger so that's the main reason for the delay.).  But.. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the notifications! 

And… if you have missed any of the Episdoes, You can watch ALL Episodes of PARTY IN THE FROG Here! Episode Seven is my favorite so far as it featured my pug and the star of the HTRP Series,  HUGO, the very round pug himself! It was an extraordinary interview! 

Also, this past week I had the opportunity to perform with three amazing songwriters at THE ALLEY STAGE right in Marietta, Georgia on the Square, hosted by SOUTHERN TROUBADOUR.  On stage were myself, Aidan Anderson, Lianne Hutcheson, and Anna Calivn, and we each performed six original tunes in this intimate listening room, sharing the stories of the songs.  Here’s a FULL RECORDING of that night for you to enjoy.   I only captured the audio, so I used the cloud footage I captured from my flight back into Atlanta from L.A. for this video! 

So what’s next??  For this month, I have three creative goals:

  1. Finish recording/producing my demo album THE NEST and get that up on Bandcamp!  
  2. Publish Episode Eight of PARTY IN THE FROG, Featuring PUZZLETRUCK
  3. Launch HTRP - BOOK TWO - Regrets by July 1st!

I'm heading back to L.A. at the end of the month so I have a pretty hard deadline on these projects, and I have many other fun projects in the hopper, so I’m so glad you’re here to learn about them all!

Have a great June!  YAAY SUMMER!



May 2024! What's Up!  

Hey Hey!!! 

It’s May!!  Summer is near!!!! Are you ready?!!😎🤩 I’m gearing up for a crazy summer! 🌞😅

Need to escape?? If you have somehow missed me posting about it, I started a Podcast called PARTY IN THE FROG!! 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 The podcast celebrates and shares the stories of individuals, be they creatives, entrepreneurs, business professionals, or simply just good souls! ❤️🐸

There are FIVE episodes available to BINGE as we move into the Cinco de Mayo weekend!! Have some tacos and enjoy the show!!! Here’s that LINK

NOTE: The podcast is both video and audio on YouTube but it is also available on Spotify for those of you who listen while you drive and work! 

I’m also now hosting a weekly Songwriter/Musicians night at The Wing Cafe & Tap House here in Marietta, GA, called MUSIC SPEAKS!! Players, email me to get on schedule! Local folks, come on out and enjoy great food and live music!!! 🎶😎

Today I’m most excited to begin releasing my new album, THE NEST!!!   This first song is one I used to enter the Tiny Desk Contest- “Dead Bird”!  Here’s that performance video for Tiny Desk!!  

And you can download /stream “Dead Bird” on Bandcamp.com!  Today is Bandcamp Friday so check out the site and support the artists you love! ❤️

Finally… Drumroll….In June, I will be releasing Book TWO of HTRP!! My book about my dog Hugo!  Whoohoo!!! It’s happening!!! 😅🤩 Here’s the LINK to BOOK ONE if you want to get one! 😄

I hope you all have a great month and don’t forget to check out my new Merch Store -  BELLY OF THE FROG! Pictured here is my PARTY IN THE FROG Cinco de Mayo Design, but there are HTRP, Jeannie Caryn , and Music Speaks designs available too!!!! 🤩

I so appreciate you being out there for me to share my creations!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!






New Podcast Episode, Remedy Still needs you, and upcoming new album update! 

April 11, 2024

Hey Everyone!!   

It's another rainy day here in Georgia and we've just about made it half way through April. I don't know about you, but I have filed an extension on my taxes. LOL.  I just don't want to think about it! 

Instead, I'm working on creative stuff, my favorite way to avoid my to-do list, LOL.   Here's what I am working on today instead of that:

  1. Sharing this link so my song “Remedy” can stay in the Georgia Songbirds Top Ten Countdown- Please check out all of these songwriters and VOTE! for your favorite! :) 
  2. Editing my upcoming PARTY IN THE FROG Podcast/Show Episode which will premiere on Monday, 4/15 at 6pm on YouTube! You don't want to miss this show with Featured Guest, the one and only Katie Martin Music, one of my Lovely Georiga Succulents!!  I can't even begin to tell you how much fun that interview was. LOL!! 
  3. Producing music!  As promised (to myself), I am releasing at least four albums this year!! I released LOVE IN AN RV in February, and now I'm working on the next album, THE NEST, which I plan to release by May 1st! One of the songs on this album is my new song “Dead Bird”!! (I've been called “Dead Bird Girl” at gigs for playing this song.LOL). I entered this song and my performance of it to the NPR Tiny Desk Contest so here's that for you to watch! 
  4. Working on HTRP- THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG Book TWO!  I have neglected this project, but lately I've had a bug to work on it and really want to get BOOK TWO: REGRETS out by June 1st for summer reading! Look for more on that soon. Here's the link to Book ONE on Amazon for anyone new to this project. (It's a book I wrote and illustrated about my dog-- most of you have heard me out playing my song “Trouble Waits for Me” from this project!)
  5. Updating my new store: www.bellyofthefrog.com with fun new designs.  Don't forget to use Coupon Code FROG for $7 off your order total if you feel like shopping! 

I hope you have a great rest of this month and don't forget to check out my new Singer Songwriter/Musicians Night, MUSIC SPEAKS on Tuesdays at The Wing Cafe & Tap House here in Marietta.  If you would like to play, just respond to this message. If you don't play, come on out and hang out.  And if you're too far away or just can't make it, I do livestream the show every Tuesday on Facebook, so check it out! 

Good luck with your taxes or clicking that extension button!! :/



It's April!!! New Podcast PARTY IN THE FROG on Spotify! New Merch Store!  

Hi Everyone!

There's a lot to share so hold onto your coffee!!

My new Podcast/Show PARTY IN THE FROG, Episode #1:Schmitty! Launched last night on YouTube and is now available on SPOTIFY for viewing or listening!  I'll likely follow that schedule- New podcast to YouTube on Monday's to give early access to my YouTube subscribers and then I'll share the episode on Spotify on Tuesdays.  Below this message is the blurb about what I'm doing in the podcast!   

Also, I have reactivated my PATREON site so that I can share all of this content! I'm so happy that Patreon finally made it so that fans can enjoy content for FREE without having to join a tierd subscription.   That said, for anyone who would like more exclusive content, I have updated the Patreon with two new levels - one that's a Fan Community called “BODY” and one more exclusive level called “SOUL” which shares some very special jam session content!  Head on over there to check it all out! Of course, when you do join a teir, your support there is always appreciated! 

One more NEW thing is that I have uploaded the themes song for PARTY IN THE FROG to my Bandcamp site!  It's a song I wrote a couple years ago called, “Like the Water” and it just seemed to fit this Podcast project.  This is just an acoustic recording but I had a request for it, so walla -  up it went! :)

Finally, as I mentioned, since PARTY IN THE FROG has launched, I'm offering that $7 coupon off any order at my store, www.bellyofthefrog.com – Do check that out!  And while you're there, also check out my new blog there called,  THE BUZZ! I'll be adding more posts there soon! 

Have a great first week of April and as always, thank you for sticking around here for this newsletter!  I'm really excited to share all of this fun content with you!


Jeannnie 😁


This podcast will seek to CELEBRATE the INDIVIDUAL - Be they a Creative, an Entrepreneur, a Business or Industry Professional, or simply a person with a story to tell! 

The show format includes the following segments:

--Interesting Facts for the Day - Fun facts from nature, trivia, business, etc. 

--Daily Motivation - A themed approached to making the day better

--Go Lick the World - Featured Guest Interview segment which includes provacative questions focused to learn about the individual and then a set of specific questions each guest will be asked so we can compare all of their answers!

--Tips and Advice Segment-- We ask our guests to provide advice about life and/or their specific expertise

--Word of the Day - We'll ask our guests what word means most to them and why

--Go Lick the World Question. Tune in to find out what this is!! 

NOTE: All filming is done from inside THE FROG (an rPod Travel Trailer) and this Podcast PARTY IN THE FROG has two spinoff shows! 

1. FROG TUNES -- Live Music Streaming by me! During this show, feel free to send playlist requests in advance or in the moment! Also, we'll discuss all things related to music-- booking gigs, marketing, equipment, etc. 

2. For Patreon Subscription Members Only - FLY ON THE WALL - a musical jam session between myself and my featured guest which will present as a private house concert from THE BELLY OF THE FROG. 

Join my Patreon HERE to see those two shows! 

FOR MERCH: Please visit: www.bellyofthefrog.com my new store! 

 FOR ALL other links, please visit: www.linktr.ee/jeanniecaryn Thanks for watching!! 


It's March-- And we keep moving forward!  


March, 2024

Hey Hey Hey!!

Happy March! Spring is near!! 

And Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day! Hopefully, this entire month will be lucky for us all!

February was fun-filled! I had a great time releasing my new album LOVE IN AN RV,(click that title), available for streaming and downloading now! I also created LYRIC VIDEOS for all six songs, so go check those out on my YouTube Channel!  And finally, I had some great shows!! I’ve started adding some live performance clips on Youtube too, so you can check those out whiile you're there as well!

This month, I am already getting to work on my next EP project entitled, THE NEST, a collection of songs that in some way connect to the idea of home. I'll get that out to you by April 1,2024!

I’m still building my way towards starting my podcast - PARTY IN THE FROG! I'll have that first episode ready by May 1st.  I am truly excited about that project and it’s been a lot of fun collecting content, props, and tech knowledge to get started on that! I can't wait to share it with you! 

As it does for us all, Life keeps trying to get in my way, but I am determined to keep moving forward! Here’s the lyric video for my song “We Live & We Die” off the new album that shares this mantra! Hope you enjoy it and the rest of the album!

Don’t forget to check out my SHOW SCHEDULE and if you see me out, I do have thumb drive copies of my new album for sale that include lyrics and a bonus song!  Whoop!   

Have a wonderful, warm, lucky month! Here's one of my favorite Irish Blessings for you: 

May there always be work for your hands to do
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


Febuary 10, 2024 - New Music!!  

Whew, it's been awhile! 

In all fairness, I've been posting in my other blog on this page, “Help, I Need to Fix My LIfe!” but I am behind on sharing news. 

It's been three years since I pushed out my first album, MOTHER'S  SELF-RISING, and I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing an acoustic album this month called LOVE IN AN RV! This album is just me and the guitar and includes both old and new love songs.  I'll release a few singles and finish the month with the full album! 

I'm also busy updating my YouTube channel and working through a handful of other projects, so stay tuned! 

And if you are not yet on my mailing list, please jump in so you don't miss anything!

Finally, we lost Toby Keith this week.  Life moves fast and we don't know how much time we have, so I'm working to do more each day.  I've attached my song,"God Handed Out Heartaches Today!" here for you- it's a tribut to Toby.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Have a great month!



It's Fall Y'all!  October 9, 2022 


Wow-- What a crazy summer it was! I've been so busy with HTRP- The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug, live music performances, family, and my day job!  Whew!! It's so nice to finally have a moment to catch up with all of you! There's just so many fun things going on! 

Here's the Top Five Fun Things:

1.  Upcoming Performance at the "Down on Main Street Festival" in Clermont, GA @12pm-12:30 on 11/5/22. Get your Tickets HERE! 

2.  Feature Article in CanvasRebel Magazine-- Read that HERE!

3.  Upcoming Holiday sale of HTRP - The HTRP- The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug, Book ONE begins 12/1/22 with the launch of the New Website for HTRP - The HTRP- The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug  (For now, you can check out/ purchase your copy on Amazon HERE)

4.  New Books coming soon:  HTRP - The HTRP- The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug, Book TWO and a Nursery Picture Book version of HTRP- The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug, Book ONE (target release date 12/1/22)

5. Full FALL Show Schedule- Check that out Here!   Hope to see you out at a show!

Thank you all for your continued support!! 



June 2022 -- I'm a Published Author Now!  

Whoohoo! So excited to share that I have written, illustrated, and published my first book!  HTRP: THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG- BOOK ONE: HUGO'S JOURNEY!  And it is available NOW on Amazon!!!

The story was inspired when my pug, Hugo, almost ate a piece of gum! It is a young readers' chapter book, in verse form, with illustrations and songs!   "Hugo runs away on an adventure with his Cat and ends up at a grocery store where he causes loads of trouble, and his adventures are just beginning!"

The two songs from Book One: Hugo's Journey are available here on this site - visit the Music page! 

I've also started a new blog "Help, I Need to Fix My Life!" and I'm now officially on Goodreads.com! 

It's been a busy few months, so I'll update more soon! Hope to see you out at a show or online when I'm live streaming!

Happy Summer! 

March 2022 

Hi Everyone! Happy St. Patty's Week!

I'm up late just after seeing  Kiefer Sutherland perform at Eddie's Attic - What an amazing show!!!!! If you have not yet listened to his music, do it!!!  I was very lucky to meet a member of his tech staff and gave him a copy of my CD!! Fingers crossed Kiefer gets to listen to my song "Dear Kiefer!"  The entire evening has me energized, inspired, and ready to create more!!

I have a lot of fun shows coming up, including an exciting ORIGINAL SHOW on 3/31/22 at the Hunt House here in Marietta-- It's a singer songwriter night hosted by Chip Jones, so there will be 3 or 4 other amazing artists performing as well! Visit my show schedule for details! 

And.....I launched a Patreon!!  You can find me at Patreon.com/jeanniecaryn

What is a Patreon? It’s a platform that lets artists showcase work with patrons- people who join as members for a nominal monthly fee (as low as $3)- to be part of the creative community and support the artist.  The platform then allows me to offer tiers or payments/benefits - Truth be told, the extra income potential is nice, but I'm mostly interested in building a community -- Patreon let's members interact with each other and with me!!!  Please check it out! 

I joined and support FIVE great artists - and there’s so many amazing people to follow. You can search any category that interests you!  I follow Katie Martin Music, Emily Harvey Art, Ragnar Olafsson- Iceland Musician, and Diane Alber, Author and Illustrator, and Searching for Metaphors in case you want to check them out too! 

Please visit my YouTube channel to watch a demo of my Patreon Community. I have a video on "Why I'm Launching a Patreon!" there as well!   

In closing, I want to say that I so appreciate all of your support in any way that you do that-- just reading this message really means the world! Having an audience is critical for any audience and you are appreciated beyond words!!! 

"May your pockets be heavy, and your heart be light! May good luck pursue you each morning and night!" - Irish Proverb 



(Visit my LinkTree!)

February 2022 

HI!  Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!!  I hope 2022 has been good to you!!  This year seems to be flying by!  I can't believe it's February!! 

I've been consumed with the creative side of things which always pulls me away from keeping in touch, so I wanted to send an update!! Here are the top FOUR news items: 

1. It's the ONE YEAR Anniversary Month for my first album MOTHER'S SELF-RISING (released 2/4/21)!!  All merchandise-- CDs, T-shirts, etc are on sale for 50% throughout the month!   Visit my Website Store and/or Bandcamp to stream or shop! 

2. I've started Live Streaming my "cover" shows!   Rather than flood your inbox with messages for every show, if you'd like to tune into a show, simply check my SCHEDULE on my website and then visit my Facebook page (Jeannie Caryn) to join the stream.   I'm working on using a tool that will push streams out to several platforms at once- that's on my "To-Do" list as well and I will let you know when that is available.  Additionally, I am uploading my past "live streams" to YouTube-- if you've not yet subscribed to My YouTube Channel, now is a good time to do so!  Then if you miss a show, you can tune in whenever! 

--I am planning to do a Valentine's Day Live Stream of "romantic" originals (some old, some new) on Sunday( tomorrow pre-game) around 2PM - If you are interested, check FB for that tomorrow! 

3. I've started booking more Original Shows-- I'll definitely send out special announcements for those and will likely create online events as well.  The next fun show is on 2/22/22 (fun date) at The Suburban Tap in Marietta with my Georgia Succulents (Lianne Hutcheson and Katie Martin)-- here's a video of us performing "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" in the Chocolate Room in 2018! 

4. And my most exciting news this year:  I am launching a Patreon on March 15th  and I hope you'll consider becoming a member! I will still be sharing stuff here and on social media, but the goal is to share more focused projects or drafts of things more purposefully with room for input from you! This will also push me to keep an "output' schedule which I need!  I'm hoping to offer more live streaming, live readings, digital downloads and more through Patreon so stay tuned. I'll be sending more information out on that as the launch date gets closer! 

So what has kept me so busy???  I’ve been busy working on writing new songs (can't wait to share those)   AND I'm really excited about a fun writing project that has let me combine my love of dogs, cats (well all animals), songwriting, sketching, story writing, poetry, and even gnomes! 

The book is called- "The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug" and features my pug and the rest of my furry crew, but the story was inspired by Hugo:   He stole a piece of chewing gum and had to go to the emergency room in December (he's okay!)--But, I did some "stress-writing" while he was there, and now I have a solid draft of a book which includes songs and artwork /sketches I've done (like the one at the top of this message!).  I really want to push this story as far as it can go and hopefully, do some type of donations to animal foundations and/or make people aware of the dangers of gum chewing if nothing else!  So far it's 100 pages and I've written 12 songs for it too!  Hopefully, I'll get back to the studio soon for this and other songs (old and new)! 

Also- Hugo has his own IG @hugotheroundpug if you'd like to see him in real-time action. 

To close out, I just want to thank you again for all of your support for MOTHER’S SELF RISING! In case you want to stream or download, here's the Bandcamp link again:   https://jeanniecaryn.bandcamp.com/