June 2022 -- I'm a Published Author Now!

Whoohoo! So excited to share that I have written, illustrated, and published my first book!  HTRP: THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG- BOOK ONE: HUGO'S JOURNEY!  And it is available NOW on Amazon!!!

The story was inspired when my pug, Hugo, almost ate a piece of gum! It is a young readers' chapter book, in verse form, with illustrations and songs!   "Hugo runs away on an adventure with his Cat and ends up at a grocery store where he causes loads of trouble, and his adventures are just beginning!"

The two songs from Book One: Hugo's Journey are available here on this site - visit the Music page! 

I've also started a new blog "Help, I Need to Fix My Life!" and I'm now officially on Goodreads.com! 

It's been a busy few months, so I'll update more soon! Hope to see you out at a show or online when I'm live streaming!

Happy Summer! 

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