It's April!!! New Podcast PARTY IN THE FROG on Spotify! New Merch Store!

Hi Everyone!

There's a lot to share so hold onto your coffee!!

My new Podcast/Show PARTY IN THE FROG, Episode #1:Schmitty! Launched last night on YouTube and is now available on SPOTIFY for viewing or listening!  I'll likely follow that schedule- New podcast to YouTube on Monday's to give early access to my YouTube subscribers and then I'll share the episode on Spotify on Tuesdays.  Below this message is the blurb about what I'm doing in the podcast!   

Also, I have reactivated my PATREON site so that I can share all of this content! I'm so happy that Patreon finally made it so that fans can enjoy content for FREE without having to join a tierd subscription.   That said, for anyone who would like more exclusive content, I have updated the Patreon with two new levels - one that's a Fan Community called “BODY” and one more exclusive level called “SOUL” which shares some very special jam session content!  Head on over there to check it all out! Of course, when you do join a teir, your support there is always appreciated! 

One more NEW thing is that I have uploaded the themes song for PARTY IN THE FROG to my Bandcamp site!  It's a song I wrote a couple years ago called, “Like the Water” and it just seemed to fit this Podcast project.  This is just an acoustic recording but I had a request for it, so walla -  up it went! :)

Finally, as I mentioned, since PARTY IN THE FROG has launched, I'm offering that $7 coupon off any order at my store, – Do check that out!  And while you're there, also check out my new blog there called,  THE BUZZ! I'll be adding more posts there soon! 

Have a great first week of April and as always, thank you for sticking around here for this newsletter!  I'm really excited to share all of this fun content with you!


Jeannnie 😁


This podcast will seek to CELEBRATE the INDIVIDUAL - Be they a Creative, an Entrepreneur, a Business or Industry Professional, or simply a person with a story to tell! 

The show format includes the following segments:

--Interesting Facts for the Day - Fun facts from nature, trivia, business, etc. 

--Daily Motivation - A themed approached to making the day better

--Go Lick the World - Featured Guest Interview segment which includes provacative questions focused to learn about the individual and then a set of specific questions each guest will be asked so we can compare all of their answers!

--Tips and Advice Segment-- We ask our guests to provide advice about life and/or their specific expertise

--Word of the Day - We'll ask our guests what word means most to them and why

--Go Lick the World Question. Tune in to find out what this is!! 

NOTE: All filming is done from inside THE FROG (an rPod Travel Trailer) and this Podcast PARTY IN THE FROG has two spinoff shows! 

1. FROG TUNES -- Live Music Streaming by me! During this show, feel free to send playlist requests in advance or in the moment! Also, we'll discuss all things related to music-- booking gigs, marketing, equipment, etc. 

2. For Patreon Subscription Members Only - FLY ON THE WALL - a musical jam session between myself and my featured guest which will present as a private house concert from THE BELLY OF THE FROG. 

Join my Patreon HERE to see those two shows! 

FOR MERCH: Please visit: my new store! 

 FOR ALL other links, please visit: Thanks for watching!! 


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