February 2022

HI!  Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!!  I hope 2022 has been good to you!!  This year seems to be flying by!  I can't believe it's February!! 

I've been consumed with the creative side of things which always pulls me away from keeping in touch, so I wanted to send an update!! Here are the top FOUR news items: 

1. It's the ONE YEAR Anniversary Month for my first album MOTHER'S SELF-RISING (released 2/4/21)!!  All merchandise-- CDs, T-shirts, etc are on sale for 50% throughout the month!   Visit my Website Store and/or Bandcamp to stream or shop! 

2. I've started Live Streaming my "cover" shows!   Rather than flood your inbox with messages for every show, if you'd like to tune into a show, simply check my SCHEDULE on my website and then visit my Facebook page (Jeannie Caryn) to join the stream.   I'm working on using a tool that will push streams out to several platforms at once- that's on my "To-Do" list as well and I will let you know when that is available.  Additionally, I am uploading my past "live streams" to YouTube-- if you've not yet subscribed to My YouTube Channel, now is a good time to do so!  Then if you miss a show, you can tune in whenever! 

--I am planning to do a Valentine's Day Live Stream of "romantic" originals (some old, some new) on Sunday( tomorrow pre-game) around 2PM - If you are interested, check FB for that tomorrow! 

3. I've started booking more Original Shows-- I'll definitely send out special announcements for those and will likely create online events as well.  The next fun show is on 2/22/22 (fun date) at The Suburban Tap in Marietta with my Georgia Succulents (Lianne Hutcheson and Katie Martin)-- here's a video of us performing "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" in the Chocolate Room in 2018! 

4. And my most exciting news this year:  I am launching a Patreon on March 15th  and I hope you'll consider becoming a member! I will still be sharing stuff here and on social media, but the goal is to share more focused projects or drafts of things more purposefully with room for input from you! This will also push me to keep an "output' schedule which I need!  I'm hoping to offer more live streaming, live readings, digital downloads and more through Patreon so stay tuned. I'll be sending more information out on that as the launch date gets closer! 

So what has kept me so busy???  I’ve been busy working on writing new songs (can't wait to share those)   AND I'm really excited about a fun writing project that has let me combine my love of dogs, cats (well all animals), songwriting, sketching, story writing, poetry, and even gnomes! 

The book is called- "The Adventures of Hugo the Round Pug" and features my pug and the rest of my furry crew, but the story was inspired by Hugo:   He stole a piece of chewing gum and had to go to the emergency room in December (he's okay!)--But, I did some "stress-writing" while he was there, and now I have a solid draft of a book which includes songs and artwork /sketches I've done (like the one at the top of this message!).  I really want to push this story as far as it can go and hopefully, do some type of donations to animal foundations and/or make people aware of the dangers of gum chewing if nothing else!  So far it's 100 pages and I've written 12 songs for it too!  Hopefully, I'll get back to the studio soon for this and other songs (old and new)! 

Also- Hugo has his own IG @hugotheroundpug if you'd like to see him in real-time action. 

To close out, I just want to thank you again for all of your support for MOTHER’S SELF RISING! In case you want to stream or download, here's the Bandcamp link again:   https://jeanniecaryn.bandcamp.com/ 


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