Find the Good!

I went to sleep very heavyhearted. I know better than to read any news before bedtime, but after a long drive to Athens, GA, and back, I found myself scrolling on Twitter.  We have problems here in the US, no doubt, but the atrocities happening around the world, specifically the unthinkable things I saw happening in Shanghai, China, and Ukraine, to both humans and animals, are beyond devastating.  I could spend this blog writing about those things, but you likely already feel that heaviness too, and that would defeat my purpose this find the good.  

Luckily, I fell asleep early, before 9 pm! So my brain had time to dream and mull things over.  I woke up feeling energized if nothing else.  My dogs and cats started my day, as usual, with their funny antics and demands, and as I sat on the floor with them after their breakfast, part of our routine, I found an awesome dog video on Facebook--all funny dog things.  That's where the "find the good" idea blossomed.  So I shared that video with the caption, "Find the Good!" and then I clicked out of Facebook and started writing a new song, "Find the Good!" Of course!  I'll share that when it's ready! 

I know things are so tough for so many of us and it is so easy to get caught up in all kinds of problems--our own, our friends, our families, the world's--- But it is truly necessary and important to stop and recognize what is working in and around our own selves.  It's important to find and appreciate the good and create peace within our own minds. 

Before we can do anything about any of those problems we care about, we first need to center ourselves, celebrating the good around us, to find the strength from within to carry on. 

I'm doing that today, and I hope you all can find a way to do that too --- Because once we find the good within ourselves, it's time to get busy doing good for others, as much as possible. 

As is my new tradition, I'm ending this today with a thoughtful quote: 

“When happiness pours out of your heart, good pours out into the world.” ― Gillian Duce, Demons and Dangers: Magic and Mayhem - Book 4

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