I started writing this blog before Mother's Day and somehow, the month is almost gone!  I have lost a couple weeks to having Covid as well as moving my daughter home for the summer from UGA, focusing on ending the semester (teaching jobs), and most excitingly, readying my book for publishing on May 28, 2022!  All that said, I have been reminded repeatedly this month that having PATIENCE is the saving grace of mothers! 

My children are young adults, aged 20 and 19, but the mothering continues.  It is different for adult children, and their mothering "needs" varies from child to child and day to day, but patience (a true form of love), is still the essence of what I offer my children as a mother.  And, like many other fur moms, my five creatures (three dogs and two cats) also receive "mothering", and patience is certainly needed with them! 

Now...drumroll....The picture I have included here is the cover for my upcoming book, HTRP - THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO THE ROUND PUG!  In the story, the Mother character has to manage Hugo and his hunger throughout many adventures and the other furry creatures in the story!  

(Side note: Did I mention HTRP will be published on May 28, 2022-- Hugo's birthday! It is available NOW for preorder here! Click here! This is for the eBook and the paperback/hardcover print versions will be available next week too!)

So... I want to stop here and wish mothers of all kinds and of all creatures a very Happy Mother's Day, late as I am!  Your work is never done, but your reward cannot be matched! So I say the entire month of May should be a celebration of mom! Happy Mother's Month!

Still....Motherhood really isn't what this blog is about, but it's certainly connected -- The art of patience, and all of the practicing of patience I have endured over the years as a mom, has really paid off! That is what I wanted to write about today: 

The main theme is "Waiting for the right moment to do things!" Being a mom has taught me that.  

In fact, it's really why I titled my first album as I did!  It took me ten years (10,000 hours) to put out my first album, MOTHER'S SELF-RISING.   I could have worked with other producers over the years of my songwriting career, but waiting for the right moment put me in the right hands at the right time-- I'm so glad I waited to do that right! Working with Larry Mitchell is an experience I am forever grateful for and the album sounds exactly how I hoped it would!

This year, I have had to push my publishing date for HTRP from my intended Mother's Day weekend to the end of May-- work, kids, the process, all taking more time than I had originally planned.  It is hard to prioritize and be patient, but I know how to do it.  I know that waiting is the right thing to do. 

I'm still patiently waiting for my lottery win too but that's a different story.  Most things we want, we not only have to be patient, but we have to be purposeful - ultimately, nothing happens unless we make it! 

I suppose the old fable of the tortoise and the hair is appropriate to mention as well.  While both music and writing have been something I've done since childhood, it has taken me until now, later in life, to feel free enough to pursue these fun hobbies as goals, (purposefully)and really, as businesses.  I think it is just how it was suppose to work out and being patient has truly paid off.   

I know sometimes, we wish things were different, or that things would move faster-- instead, I highly recommend appreciating the journey.  When things don't go right, it's okay to feel frustrated and stop and reflect, but then you have to just move forward.  You just never know what else is "supposed" to happen! 

As is my tradition, I'm ending this today with a thoughtful quote, this time, a Hungarian Proverb:

"Patience brings roses."

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