February 2024! Update and Sample News Letter

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Hi Everyone!!  

I hope this letter finds you well!   It's been such a long chaotic winter in my world and I know it has been chaotic for so many of you too, but there's good news:  I just heard that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an EARLY SPRING!! Whoohoo!!!  The sun is shining today, and it's Friday, so I hope you are feeling that warm spring 2024 energy!  I know I am!!  

And February is going to be AWESOME!  Today, I shared the first of 7 songs that will be on an acoustic album I am releasing on 2/14/24 called, LOVE IN AN RV!   And…. I'm recording all the songs in the FROG!!! Whoohoo!  The first song is now out on Bandcamp and is called “We Live & We Die” !

Yes, it seems like a bleak title, but honestly, it's a positive song!! LOL.  The point of the song is that we need to live for today, not waste our time waiting for things to happen, but instead, roll up our sleeves and get out there after our dreams no matter what our obstacles and struggles may be!  We just need to move forward.   I thought it would be a good song to release first since I have lost so much time this winter being distracted and consumed by obstacles, and I have left far too many things waiting for my attention, such as sending this newsletter regularly!!  I do plan to get back on track so please look for a newsletter each month at the least! 

If you follow me on Facebook, you know my main distraction has been the illness of my sweet Aussie, Wolf .  He has been suffering with two diseases (EPI and Diabetes) and now, sadly, he has cataracts and is completely blind as of January.  I've had to cut back on shows (or at least shows far away from home), and it's been really hard to watch him struggle with diet and lose his vision.   I had hoped to move to get him away from a house full of stairs, but despite a lot of effort and wasted time, that didn't happen.  Long story short,  I had a new lease, but then there were rats in the new place, so I didn't move.  ARghhhhhh!!!   

But Wolf is doing okay, and he's so brave, and he still manages to nanny all of the pugs for me. LOL!!! So…This song is for him too!   Attached here is my favorite picture of all the boys.  No matter how bad the day is, they always make me laugh.  

And that situation gave me a new song too-- “New Lease on LIfe”!  (This song will be on a different summer album but is also available on Bandcamp now! ) 

Anyway, I'll be releasing a song or two next week and the full album, LOVE IN AN RV, on 2/14!!  The album has a mix of some newer songs, and some of my older songs that just need to be set free!   I'm really excited about this project! The Frog is such a fun place to hang out and play music! 

If you don't yet follow me on Bandcamp, please do! I'll release all of the songs and the album there and you are notified by Bandcamp when I've added new music.  The songs will also be available on my website, but they will not be available on the big platforms.  

I'm also excited for these original shows during the last week of the month:

2/26  7:30pm at Alley Street in Marietta for the Songwriter Showcase – Free Show!

2/27  7:00pm at Suburban Tap in Marietta  for a special Musical Charities event – Free Show (Accepting Donations for a family in need) :  www.musicalcharities.org

2/28  7:00pm at Madlife Stage and Studios in Woodstock, opening for the David Michael Band! Tickets can be purchased here 

I have a few other things up my sleeves for this month too, so stay tuned.  I hope to see you out  at a show, and I hope all of you have a great 2024!!



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