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We Live & We Die

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This song is part of a self-produced album LOVE IN AN RV, coming February 2024


We Live and We Die — Jeannie Caryn
Just got home from workin’
Feel like I need a stiff drink
Bills on the table
Dishes in the sink

Dogs need their dinner
Floors need sweeping too
I look at this mess
Still thinking ‘bout you


Yeah Life can be hard
And I still don’t know why
But I’ll roll up my sleeves
And give it a try
Cuz I wanna make a change
Make things alright
I may be real tired
But I’m still gonna fight
Gonna take a deep breath
Just count to five
We get just one life to do right,
We just live and we die

Spinnin’ ‘round in my kitchen
Screaming out loud
Time keeps passing by me
Gotta slow it down somehow

So I’ll Load up them dishes
Dogs smiling up at me
Then I'll grab my guitar
And Head out to the street


Stop at the market
Play the lottery
Someone’s gotta win it
Why can’t it be me

Yeah —Be easier to quit
Feel sorry for myself
But I won’t give up
Get my dreams off that shelf
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah



Just live and we die
Try to figure out why
We just live and we die
We just love and we die
Just love and we die
Just love and we die
Just love and we die
We just love and we die